Knights News · Spring Virtual Athletics Meetings

Please locate your sport and use the zoom information to sign in to begin your five weeks for Spring Virtual Season.  If you have any questions, please either contact the coach or email me.


Allied Softball Coach Ball
Baseball Coach McTighe
Boys Lacrosse Coach Eichelberger
Boys Tennis Coach Woo
Boys Volleyball Coach Theoharis
Coed Volleyball Coach Delgado
Girls Lacrosse Coach Rivera
Girls Tennis Coach Goolsarran
Softball Coach Mettee
Track & Field Coach Buckingham


Zoom Meeting Information

Allied Softball:

Please contact Coach Ball at



Meeting ID:        812 1427 0380

Passcode:            770802


Boys Lacrosse:

Meeting ID:        894 1479 7085

Passcode:            486980


Boys Tennis:

Meeting ID:         927 6268 0933

Passcode:            Wheaton


Boys Volleyball & Coed Volleyball:

Meeting ID:        819 3343 0700

Passcode:            123456


Girls Lacrosse:

Meeting ID:        512 756 7890

Passcode:             glax


Girls Tennis:

Meeting ID:        861 0090 3411

Passcode:            258231



Meeting ID:        843 7500 8896                                                                                 

Passcode:            Softball                                                                                              


Outdoor Track & Field:

Meeting ID:        971 9164 5498

Passcode:            wheatont&f